Cross racing pics 04

big thanks to Kelly Bikes for all their support over the many many years

Mud sweat and gears, Johnson City, TN 11/13/04
Sunny with a cold wind, lots of wet grass and pain. I started slow and got faster picking off riders and ending in 9th. Results were wrong as I just about kilt myself to crush my pal jason stephens and BedSaul in the last few laps. For the south, this was a well run race with a good A's turnout. John-Todd and I drove down in the mighty race squirrel. JT took second fighting off the race promoter over the last few laps.

Photos for MS&gears from here

Psunshine Psychocross Albuquerque Nm, 11/21/04

I cleaned 6" of snow off the car at 7am in los alamos, but it was sunny and 55 in Albuquerque dammit, cross in Albuquerque is invariably not in bad weather. Dammit.
High wind kept the front pack slow playing roadie techniques, goatheads took a third of the field out
The rest of us suffered not too far off the back, racing alone and in pairs.
Long grass and high winds kept me competitive, goatheads were responsable for the wheel change
I was battling with 6 and 7th for most of the rave before flatting and fading to 10th. results here

Words copyright Tarik Saleh 2004 - tsaleh @ rocketmail . com psunshine Photos from Elena Perez (chatting with me above) and Bill McLain