1947 Bob Brown Road Race Berkeley, Ca

Got this great photo via Andrew Ritchie (of Major Taylor biography fame).
Here are the known names, if you have any other ideas contact Andrew at "jabritchie at hotmail.com" and myself at "tsaleh at rocketmail.com" so I can update the info.
From what I can tell this is lining across the Shattuck Ave in Berkeley, riders facing south, most likely Shattuck and Kittredge or Bancroft (Google satellite). An nice 30 mile road race, 5/18 1947.
Note that most riders are riding what appears to be track bikes no brakes. Were they running coaster brakes on roadies then? Probably not.
I am guessing the oakland (lake merrit?) and SF velodromes were still active then and there were an abundance of track racers in the area.
Since they are heading this way, they are probably heading to Oakland, San Leandro and then back? Maybe no hills? Any ideas? Email me or Andrew and I will update.
Here is the photo, click for a really really big image:
Text on back of photo:

1. Lawrence Lindsey, Concord, Calif.
2. Bud Thorpe, Burlingame
3. Ray Mantwill, Oakland
4, Herb Heinze, S.F.
5. Jack Galvin, S.F.
6. Charlie Moe Jr. S.F.
7. Israel Grajeda, Guatemala
8. Dick Goerz, Pasadena - WINNER
9. Troy Hicks, Berkeley
10. Ernie Marinoni, Berkeley
11. Ed Lynch, L.A. - in background
12. Frank Gug;ie;mori, S.F.
13. Vince Gatto, San Jose
14. Gus Gatto, San Jose
15. Bob Brown, Berkeley
16. Neil Estrada, Albany
17. Sammy Rinelli, Alameda
18. Oscar Junor, S.F. - foreground

photo: E. Rickman, Photographer for Dana Photo, 3927 Adeline

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Text byTarik Saleh tsaleh at rocketmail dot com, photo from Andrew Ritchie, "jabritchie at hotmail.com".