Byah, some semblence of the bike page lives

More as I get it

  • Schwinn Typhoon since sold for too little money to a buddy in knoxville... Jason, send it back!
  • My Raleigh Twenty page. It looks different. Now. More later...
  • Superslick dynohub and light mounting as perped by me!
  • 1974 Raleigh Competition Still got it, but looking to sell...
  • Bones, the 2005 fixie Kelly Road bike.
  • Beakham, the Cracked tracked bike.
  • Flashy the wonderbike
  • Some Race Reports
  • Annotated spreadsheet for gear inch calculation and conversion from rpm to speed HERE
  • Review of the trek soho coffee mug
  • Thats all I got now...

    so check out the (Mostly bike, sometimes cat-fortheloveofgod) blog
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