Greensboro Bats vs Columbia Rivercats

Went to the Cirque and missed out on the banquet, so I went and saw a single a Greensboro Bats (link broken? do they still exist?) game on 5/1/04

Although they don't say it on the website the bats are a single A team. It was abundantly clear from the syle of play. The home team made 6 errors in the loss.

It was a nice evening nonetheless.

  • It rained all freekin day driving from Knoxville to Greensboro, but the rain let up justbefore game time and to my suprise the game went on. Nice sky during the pregame.
  • They play in the oldest Minor League park in the country, the war memorial Stadium. It was an old track stadium and looks it. It is being replaced in 2005, so go there now to see it. I guess the field will remain intact for the local HS. But it seems a shame.
  • I was able to get right, right right behind the plate between innings.
  • It was the 100 year anniversary of the South Atlantic league so all the players were wearing DIFFERENT throwback jerseys from different eras. The home team in different shades of white, the away in different shades of grey. Yuk. It made it tough to tell who was home and who was away.
  • Red Oak Beer was the prominent scoreboard advertiser. I can't even remotely recommend it. It was still 5 bucks a large cup. Crap. The rolling rock was much much better and still was borderline undrinkable. The dogs and polish sausages were good. The fries bad. I spent $4 to get in (using my student discount, they get cool points for giving 32 year old grad students a discount) and spend $25 on food and drink. I think they could have balanced the food prices down a bit. There were a ton of kids there though.
  • They had a scary Bat mascot and some weird toilet plunger toss game. Odd. Purple muppet bat with toilets on wheels, I still can't sleep.

    Words and photos copyright Tarik Saleh 2004 - tsaleh "yat"